Hull & Machinery and other PD insurances

Since our formation in 1989, the Lockton Edge book of business has been in continuous growth, won in tough competition with the international broking community. Today Lockton Edgeserves more than 300 clients in 25 countries around the world. We provide risk solutions for our clients in interaction with 115 insurance suppliers in 22 countries, transacting USD 300 million in insurance premiums. Altogether 3,100 ships with a combined sum insured of 65 billion dollars are insured through our intermediary. Lockton Edge insured a total of USD 2.5 billion of charter hire and has collected almost 40,000 days of off hire. Hull and machinery and other shipowner insurances account for more than 60% of our income.

Rather than considering the traditional shipowners’ insurances as ‘products’ or ‘commodities’, we put them into the wider context of deliveries.

We at Lockton Edge pride ourselves that we possess first class knowledge and expertise about the shipping industry and the challenges our shipowning clients are up to at any time. The services we offer are therefore not only limited to the pure insurance arrangements; they may also include pre-transaction elements like:

  • risk management (what risks are our clients exposed to),
  • risk policy (how these risks are dealt with)
  • insurance management (what insurance solutions are available)
  • insurance strategies (how do we deal with the markets; i.e. aggressive or conservative placing profile; and, how do we tailor-make insurance policies to cover the actual exposure)

Below follows an extract from our catalogue of insurance deliveries, with brief details of their main characteristics:

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