Protection & Indemnity

Lockton Edge’s team of brokers has a unique breadth of experience gained from having worked in P&I Clubs in both underwriting and claims, for shipowners in operations and at sea in addition to many years of broking throughout the world.

This blend of backgrounds has enabled Lockton Edge to develop unparalleled sectorial knowledge and in consultation with our clients, we work to create P&I programmes specifically to suit their respective trade or industry sector, providing the broadest scope of cover at a commercially competitive price.

We use our thorough understanding of the standard platform in conjunction with our knowledge of our client’s operations to recognise the exposures that require bespoke covers.

Our global marine network of offices, which now includes the world’s largest P&I broking team of our Global Marine partner Lockton PL Ferrari, enables our P&I specialists to readily connect with our clients on a day to day basis to assist in meeting their P&I needs.

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